Spiritual Healing FAQ

How Does Spiritual Healing Work?
We were created in perfection from the First Creation, the Great White Light of God, the Cosmic Christ Light (CCL). It is this Light that will bring about the healing that is needed individually, collectively and universally. The question is often asked, “Why does God allow ill health?”. Of course we know that He has nothing to do with this condition. Mankind has caused conditions around himself/herself that cause these inharmonies to emerge. Mankind lives his/her life in a state of disease which was never meant to be in the beginning. The spiritual healing in this temple should always be carried out in the Law of God, through the CCL. When the spiritual healer in this temple asks for healing to take place, we do so for the soul, mind and body. The spirit is perfect and that part of the mind which is influenced by this perfection is also perfect. However, that part of the mind connected to the soul needs the help that comes from the spiritual healing. In fact, it is the healing of the soul/mind that is more important than anything else. It is only when this healing takes place that good health will manifest in the physical body.

What About Other Treatments?
The healing power will always be in evidence whatever type of healing is taking place, whether it is traditional medicine or alternative therapies. Therefore, spiritual healing works well in conjunction with other treatments, so it is very important not to ever interfere with any of these other remedies. Please see your normal medical or healthcare professional if you have some concerns with your current treatment. The spiritual healer in this temple will not interfere with or discuss any aspect of the client's health, medication or treatment.

Time Required for Healing?
Healing in this temple normally takes a maximum of ten minutes (typically five minutes) to conclude the actual healing. This will vary with the client, the type of healing method used and healing involved. Healing could even take place within seconds, if it is in accordance with God's Will. The healing carried out by Jesus the Christ, according to the Holy Bible had, on no occasion, taken more than a few minutes.

How Long Will Healing Take To Work?
Healing will often continue after the actual spiritual healing finishes. Some people will feel an improvement straight away. Others may take up to three or more days to take affect as the healing may take several days or so to finish. Some people require more than one healing session for the the healing to work fully, especially if they are suffering from a
significant condition.

What Outcomes Can I Expect?
Many successful healings take place to demonstrate the Glory of God. However, in this temple we make no promises and no claims with the spiritual healing. There are too many variables on the earthly and spiritual levels to guarantee any outcome. People often report a sense of relaxation, peace or some even have a few tears. Others have reported some improvement in the
physical or mental bodies. However it is possible that the physical and mental bodies may find no improvement, as the spiritual body is what is being healed during spiritual healing. Some people report feeling unwell for a few days afterwards while the spiritual healing is continuing We suggest that you may seek appropriate medical advice if you are still feeling unwell after this period.

Is The Healing HandsOn?
Hands on healing is not conducted in this temple. Some healers may touch the shoulders of the client when healing begins. No manipulation or massage is carried out in this temple. People have reported feeling hands on them during healing. This is from the spiritual beings that assist during the healing, not from the spiritual healer themselves. Removal of clothing is not done for spiritual healing in this temple.

Healing of Children
Spiritual healing will only be practised upon a child (under 18 years) with the written permission and supervision at all times by the parent(s) or approved guardian(s).

If you have any further questions, please speak to the Church Minister or their authorised representative.

If you wish to have spiritual healing, please either come on one of the Church spirtual healing sessions, telephone us or email us.
The phone number is found in the "Contact Us" option on the left-side menu.
Requests can also be emailed for absent healing. Please use the "Email Us" option on the left-side menu and select "Healing Requests"
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