What We Believe


Most Spiritualist churches follow a series of beliefs or principles, not any dogma associated with mainstream churches.
The same is true of our Church.

We follow the eight following principles, being the major tenements of our beliefs:

  1. We believe in One God over us all and who is Divine Love.
  2. We accept the leadership of Universal Masterhood which leadership is embodied within Jesus the Christ and the many other Masters and Christlike Beings who are the bringers of the Ancient Wisdom again to mankind.
  3. We believe that God manifests through the illimitable Power of the Holy Spirit which brings to humankind Divine Wisdom through the Spiritual Gifts.
  4. We believe in the survival of the Human Soul and its individuality after physical transition.
  5. We believe in the Communion with God, with His Angelic Ministers and with the souls functioning in conditions other the Earthly life.
  6. We believe that all forms of life created by God intermingle, are interdependent and evolve until perfection is attained.
  7. We believe in the perfect justice of the Divine Laws governing all life.
  8. We believe that sins committed can only be rectified by the sinner himself or herself, through the redemptive Power the First Created Light which is exemplified in this place by the Master, Jesus the Christ and through many other Master Light Bearers from the White Brotherhood of Life.

Our Guiding Light & Master

  • We at all times endeavour to be guided in my thoughts, words and deeds by the teachings and example of the Great Masters of the Universe, particularly being mindful of Jesus the Christ who told us that His Role was to bring all others into the “fold” of the Great Christos of Life.

These principles have been recently revised, having been based on the beliefs and pledge provided by from The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association. These in turn are based upon the Zodiac messages received via the mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, the founder of The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association.
Progessive Spiritualists Church (Inc.)
The oldest continually running spiritualists church in Perth, Western Australia.