Divine Service


When Divine Services Are Held

The Church holds a Divine Service every Sunday morning during the year at 10am sharp.
The only exception is when Christmas Day falls on a Sunday (the Christmas Day Service begins at 9am sharp).

Order of Service

The service normally includes these components in the following order:

  • Opening Hymn
  • Opening Prayer
  • Healing Prayer
  • Second Hymn Hymn
  • Reading & Address (also called the philosophy)
  • Third Hymn
  • Church Announcments
  • Flower Reading
  • Doxology (Hymn)
  • Closing Prayer
  • Vesper Hymn

If you have attended a Catholic, Protestant or other Christian service then the hymns will be very familiar.
We do not hold a Eucharist during the Divine Service (some Christian Spiritualist churches do).

Reading & Address

The Reading & Address is somewhat similar in style to that provided in other churches.
The Reading may come from the Holy Bible (we use the King James Version), another holy book or spiritual work.
The Address is the part of the service where the philosophy of spiritualism or a related topic is explained.
The Medium (the person who is giving the service) links with their spirit guide and communicates to the congregation knowledge of God’s laws & love.
The Medium does not usually prepare the address prior to the service. Often the subject of the address is taken from the reading which is not known by the Medium beforehand.

Flower Reading

Each member of the congregation may bring a flower to have a spiritual message received (via clairvoyance) from the Medium.
Only adults and children over 14 years of age may bring a flower for a reading.
The Reading is given out from the Platform to the congregation (we do not do private readings in this Church).
Readings are confidential in our Church. We do not give out your name or make contact with you during this part of the service. Your privacy is maintained.

Why Is Clairvoyance Part Of Our Church Service?

We believe as spiritualists that there is a spirit world, being where our spirit or soul goes after we die. We believe that the two worlds can link together.
Sometimes you might receive a message from a loved one or close associate (this is known as "proof of survival" of the soul after death.)
It is also a way for the Medium's and/or your spirit guides to help you during your life and a way for your loved ones in spirit to help you accept the loss of their physical body.
To know that when it is time for you to return to spirit, then you will meet them again.

All are welcome.
Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.
Progessive Spiritualists Church (Inc.)
The oldest continually running spiritualists church in Perth, Western Australia.