Forthcoming Course - "Getting To Know Your Guides"

Forthcoming Course - "Getting To Know Your Guides"

We are going to run the "Getting To Know Your Guides" course on Monday evenings, starting on the first Monday in September (6th September).
Each evening starts at 8pm sharp, so be early (doors are locked at 8pm).
It will be held over consecutive weeks, usually four or five, depending on the group.

This course covers an introduction to, and meeting, your personal guiding structure, namely: Personal Guide, Guardian Angel, Healing Guide, Teacher Guide and Doorkeeper.

This is an essential part of working with your guides and an important step on the spiritual development process.
It’s always been popular when it is run.

We could also hold this course on a Wednesday morning, if there is sufficient demand. Please let us know.

Please contact Rev. Andrew if you have any questions or need further information.